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Why You Should Wear One O’clock

The smartphone has fundamentally changed our lives. We are no longer dependent on records and CDs, the daily newspaper, or our stand telephone. A grip in your trouser pocket is enough, and the whole world is at our feet.

  1. Elegant And Meaningful Heirlooms

There are many reasons why watches like Rolex oyster perpetual datejust watch (นาฬิกา rolex oyster perpetual datejust which is the term in Thai) are among the most personal and popular heirlooms of all – and the interest in vintage watches is more significant than ever. Each watch is fused with its wearer and continues to tell its story, even if it may no longer be alive.

A watch collection is timeless despite modern devices and can be passed on from generation to generation. Thus, the memories of loved ones do not just stay in mind. On the contrary, they continue to show us the way.

  1. Better Relationship With Time

What is time? It can’t go away fast enough at a young age because we want to grow up and feel significant. She later progresses at a pace that is terrifying at times. We realize that our lives are limited with every new birthday, and we shouldn’t waste those precious seconds.

The smartphone may tell us the time, no question about it. But in the same breath, it tempts us to follow the symbols that pop up. The next quarter of an hour belongs to social media, clickbait, a poorly produced mobile phone game, in short: senseless waste of time that we would have been spared looking at the wristwatch.

Even the most expensive smartphone in the world will never have the attractiveness and charisma that comes with wearing a high-quality wristwatch. Cell phones are sometimes sorted out every year and replaced by a new model – wristwatches are not. A quick look at the watch is not noticeable.


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