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Top Tips for Installing a Ductless Mini Split System

Are you tired of the high energy bills that come with using an air conditioner? If so, then consider installing a ductless mini split air conditioner. It is more efficient than traditional ACs, and it’s easier to install and maintain. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some of the main benefits of having a ductless mini split air conditioner in your home or business.

Energy Efficiency

A ductless mini split AC is much more energy efficient than a traditional AC unit because it only needs to cool one room at a time. This means you can set the temperature for each individual room, instead of cooling your entire house at once. Additionally, it has an inverter that helps regulate the speed of its compressor which further increases its efficiency. As such, this type of air conditioner will help you save on your electricity bills while still keeping your space comfortable.

Easy Installation

Traditional AC units require quite a bit of work when it comes to installation due to their requirement for ductwork throughout the home or building. With a ductless mini split system, however, all you need is an outside condenser unit and several indoor blower units that are connected by refrigerant lines. This makes installation much simpler and faster than with other types of ACs. Furthermore, since there are no ducts involved in this type of installation, you don’t have to worry about any mess or dust being left behind from the process.

Best for Home Additions or Renovations

If you’re planning on renovating your home or adding an addition onto it, then installing a ductless mini split system makes sense for several reasons. First off, because these systems don’t involve any ductwork they are much easier and quicker to install than traditional systems which can take days (or even weeks) depending on how complicated the project is. Secondly, if done properly they can provide heating and air conditioning coverage to those newly renovated spaces without creating any additional load on your existing HVAC system – making them ideal for additions or renovations where there isn’t already existing HVAC infrastructure in place.


Installing a ductless mini split system has many advantages over traditional central heating and cooling systems including easy installation process, energy-efficiency and great coverage even in hard-to-reach areas like additions or renovations where laying new HVAC infrastructure would be too difficult or expensive to do so otherwise. Additionally these systems come with flexible zoning capabilities which allow users to control the specific temperature settings in each individual room – helping them save money on their electricity bill while still keeping those rooms comfortable all year round! Overall, if you’re looking for an affordable way to keep your home cool during summer months without breaking the bank – installing a ductless mini split system could be just what you need!

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