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Top Car Maintenance Tips You Should

Car maintenance is essential. For some, it can be an enjoyable task and, for others, a nightmare. We cannot deny that running away from it is not the solution and from the moment you buy a car, you should be aware that you will have to bear all the costs.

It is still not enough for people who want to go deeper, as there are few classes related to this topic. The “Mechanical Basics” classes are essential so that the driver can know what to do in an emergency, for example, when the car breaks down.

It is common to carry out repairs on slide cars like slide car Hatairat (รถสไลด์หทัยราษฎร์ which is the term in Thai)and repairs in the garage at home to avoid paying more for a professional to perform the service. However, this can be a very dangerous practice. So, if you see that you can’t repair the home, look for a mechanic. Looking for a trustworthy professional is not an easy task either. First, search by reference, research and compare the workshops and services in your region, look for referrals from friends or family and make a budget.

Here are some repairs you should know:

Air Conditioning Cleaning

Air conditioning can accumulate a lot of dust, bacteria, and microorganisms. You can find exclusive products for cleaning it in physical stores and on the internet. Cleaning the air is essential to avoid risks to the health of the driver and other occupants.

When placing the car under trestles, care must be taken here, preventing it from falling if the jack loosens.


It is recommended to carry out an inspection every six months to check the condition of the exhaust. The owner can analyze how the stops, clamps, and supports are. A broken exhaust can cause serious risks in addition to producing noise.


Many batteries today are sealed, so you don’t have to worry about water like you used to. If that’s not your case, keep an eye out to keep it at the correct level. Checking every month is enough. Last but not least, check that the cables are correctly connected to the poles and clean.

Engine Oil

As with the wiper blades, changing the engine oil is also simple. Checking and replacing it regularly is critical to protecting and prolonging your car’s engine life. Pay attention to the oil characteristics and follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and the vehicle manual.

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