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Tips For Becoming A Distance Learning Professional

Who is willing to become a tutor in distance education must seize this moment? Today, distance learning has found its space and won the students’ trust especially Toeic Tutoring (ติว toeic which is the term in Thai). If you want to know more, read Why People Prefer to Study at a Distance.

The evolution of information and communication technologies paved the way for distance learning. This gave rise to alternative ways of disseminating knowledge through the Internet. Teaching that was previously centered on printed books and texts now gives way to electronic media, opening up a range of possibilities for the learning process.

Through the Internet, distance learning is reshaping the role of the teacher and tutor. Currently, both have taken a different position from the traditional ones, as they need to overcome the obstacles of geographical distance.

The tutor must interact well with all education professionals involved in distance learning. To efficiently exercise this function, the tutor must be a person with a certain emotional maturity, good cultural level, leadership capacity, cordiality, empathy, and, above all, knowing how to listen to the other.

Various communication tools can mediate the relationship between tutor and student. The formation of the student in the distance learning modality must be a commitment of the tutor. He must keep in mind that he needs to serve the student from social, human, and technological perspectives.

Strategies and principles that correspond to mentoring


According to the interests of the students, teaching must be adjusted. This is possible by establishing strategies that capture their attention through paradoxical and thought-provoking situations.


The student must see in distance learning support for their doubts and inquiries about their personal needs and goals. This can be done through examples related to real situations experienced by the students. In this way, the learning process is no longer just intellectual assimilation.


The student must realize that with a reasonable effort, he can be successful. Strategy: it is essential to consider the knowledge students bring with them; this personal knowledge must be valued and deepened to maintain a moderate and continuous approach.


Look for ways to make learning satisfying and not boring. Stimulate students’ curiosity by researching and discovering new things.

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