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The 3 Points That Must Be Observed When Buying A Car

Because the auto industry is under great pressure to sell, dealers are luring them with low-priced offers. But buying is about more than technology and design. Here are four points to be observed when buying a car, even though you have to buy car plate numbers (ซื้อ ป้าย ทะเบียน which is the term in Thai) as well.

  1. New Or Used?

The wallet often decides this question. Used vehicles are sometimes much cheaper, depending on their age, equipment, and mileage, but then also more prone to expensive repairs. Annual cars are often an inexpensive alternative to a new car. As the name suggests, they have first registered less than a year ago. Mostly they were driven beforehand by employees of the manufacturer. That speaks for a considerate driving style and a manageable mileage.

Dealers also often offer so-called daily permits. These vehicles are usually registered and deregistered once without the car being moved. With this, it can be sold at a higher discount. However, the buyer is then officially the second owner, which lowers the price in the event of a later resale. Demonstration cars can also be an inexpensive alternative to new cars. They were used for test drives or by sellers and had a few thousand kilometers on the clock.

Cars from car rental companies are even cheaper. They are usually exchanged after six months. However, since they are driven by many different drivers and not always with care, a certain degree of caution is appropriate here. In addition, scratches in the paintwork and damage must be expected.

  1. Diesel Or Gasoline?

Diesel is generally more worthwhile for frequent drivers. For example, anyone who drives quickly with a gasoline engine on long stretches of the motorway must expect noticeably higher consumption. Even with the diesel driver, that is still halfway within limits. This also applies to the popular large SUVs, which are still mostly sold with diesel engines.

  1. Or An Electric Car Right Away?

So far, skepticism has prevailed among buyers. On the one hand, this is due to the significantly higher price than an internal combustion engine, and on the other hand, the range of many models that have been manageable to date.

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