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Supercharge your productivity with encrypted to-do notes

The phones, computers, and cloud accounts contain sensitive information to protect from prying eyes. At the same time, we need to be able to access important data and collaborate with others to get work done. It poses a challenge: how do we balance productivity and convenience with privacy and security?  One solution is to use encrypted to-do notes and task managers. These allow you to create private notes and share them securely with others. 

Problem with regular notes

Standard notes and task list apps like Google Keep, Evernote, and the Notes app on iPhone are convenient but not very secure. They keep all your notes on servers that could be hacked. The notes themselves are also visible to the companies running the services.  What if you need to jot down sensitive information like passwords, credit card numbers, or confidential work details? Regular notes just won’t cut it from a security standpoint.

Popular encrypted note services

There are a variety of great encrypted note apps and services to choose from. Open source encrypted notes app for desktop, mobile, and terminal supports end-to-end encryption and synchronization across devices. Free. Minimal encrypted notes app with a paid “Extended” plan offering more features cross-platform and zero-knowledge encryption free web-based encrypted notes with collaborative editing and real-time sync fully open-source and decentralized. Simple cross-platform notes app owned by Automattic. Notes are encrypted on devices before syncing. Free web app for creating end-to-end encrypted notes and messages that expire after being read once. how to protect text file with password? Destructible privacy using secure cloud storage like Nextcloud or WebDAV, this knowledge base is powerful. Supports encrypted publish and sync.

Creating encrypted to-do lists

The great thing about encrypted note apps is that they provide all the basics you expect from a note app – lists, checkboxes, formatting, etc. That makes it easy to use them for encrypted to-do lists and tasks.

Here’s an example of how you create task lists with PrivNote:

  1. Go to []( and click Create Note.
  2. Add your note title at the top, for example, “Weekend Errands”. 
  3. Below the title, create bullet points for each task:
  • Pick up dry cleaning
  • Stop by the post office
  • Grocery shopping
  1. Mark completed tasks using clickable checkboxes.
  2. Click Encrypt Note when finished.

The above takes just seconds to create an encrypted task list. You’ll get a URL that lets anyone view the note once before it self-destructs.

Collaborating securely with shared notes 

Encrypted notes are also fantastic for collaborating securely on projects. Services like CryptPad support real-time collaborative editing of notes. You can create task lists and then share the URLs with teammates. Since notes are end-to-end encrypted, you can feel safe putting sensitive info in there while collaborating. Shared encrypted notes provide a private workspace for your team.

To collaborate securely

  • Create a shared note in CryptPad for your project’s task list.
  • Share the unique note URL with other teammates.
  • Teammates can view and edit the live task list in real time.
  • Changes are encrypted and synchronized instantly across devices.
  • Teammates don’t need accounts, just the URL.

Security and privacy don’t have to hamper productivity. With shared encrypted notes, you get the best of both worlds.

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