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Practice and use these top 8 ball pool trickshots to improve your game

Trick shots happen to be something impressive and sometimes they are much more required than you ever think it to be. When it comes to the top 8 ball pool game, you may come across a scenario where you simply cannot play the next move straight. However, you may require getting a bit more creative. And that’s 8 ball pool trickshots for you! Trick shots, you know, seem more than just showing off among the opponent, so in this lesson, I’ll teach how the most popular trickshots are demonstrated and how they get executed. If you want to know more, read on and learn. You can also refer to GetMega for further information.

Best Trickshots That You Can Ever Learn

Let’s just jump into the common trick shots and learn how to get advantageous with online games. 

Bank Shots

Since there’s no visible way to pocket one among the balls, those would undoubtedly be the magic shots you’ll need in majority, albeit not practically every, 8 Ball Pool game. As you’ll see, the one and only option to have the orange solid into the pocket is by using the bank shot. These are really rather simple to calculate since there are dots just on edges of a pool table, which assist you determine the correct position to make the bank shot.

Spin Trick Shots

As also mentioned in GetMega, spin is required if you really need to perform shots such as kiss shots or when you wish to make a mistake in the last minutes of a match (for example, pocketing the white ball). Now, in genuine pool games, adding spin changes the path of a white ball. As a matter of fact, you must react – in an 8 Ball Pool, it merely affects the path the white ball goes after the first impact! It is a fantastic way to prepare forward and avoid accidently pocketing a white ball.


The very common scenario is when you get the ball close to a pocket & you pocket the white ball along with another ball. Add backspin & white ball with roll black! Look into GetMega’s pool blogs for more detailed information on this.


This is similar to backspin in that you really want to avoid pocketing the white ball, but very often if you throw the ball that is further out from the pocket but the line shows you that you might pocket a white ball in some other pocket. A significant benefit is how you can position a white ball in the area that the opponent dislikes. You may  generally use trick shots because you may have a certain pocket and, if you don’t, you won’t give the opponent the unfair edge – especially if there are only a few balls remaining on 8 Ball Pool, which may help you win. You may practice these shots with the GetMega app before playing in professional games.


This is a great trickshot used when you need to pass the ball with some extra strength, especially if the cue doesn’t even have a lot of power. One perfect circumstance is one this: It is a great trickshot used when you have to give the ball some extra strength, notably if the cue doesn’t even have a lot of power. You can now try out these shots on GetMega to understand the techniques better.

Wrapping up

If you’re new to 8 Ball Pool, maybe these strategies will come in handy as you strive to rack up the wins & the money. As you progress, you’ll undoubtedly uncover some useful hacks or tips to help you perform much better in this particular game. Thus, the 8 ball pool trickshots can give you the best experience while playing the 8 ball pool game. If you are interested in playing the game, you can download it but please learn more about the game from GetMega and then only download the game.


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