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Penis Envy Mushrooms- What Are They?

Penis Envy, or the Eon stones as it is referred to, are a rare type of P. Cubensis fungus that grow in only three places around the world. They can be found growing naturally on the bark of trees in North America, and now they can be harvested and converted into supplements. These supplements are the latest health craze with many men who have witnessed first hand the effects of these supplements have on their partners. In short, it can give you bigger, harder and more powerful orgasms, and it can give you the confidence to perform with more intensity during intercourse. It will increase the length and girth of your penis too. Read on to find out more about penis envy…

Penis Envy (or Psilocin as it is also known) is a rare type of P. Cubensis mushroom that has a strong resemblance to the human hormone testosterone. It is therefore very powerful when mixed with certain chemicals known as epimedium which stimulates production of luteinizing hormone (LH), and epinephrine (which stimulates blood flow to the genital organs). If you take a mixture of these two chemicals along with psilocin, you will get a potent and highly effective aphrodisiac that will dramatically improve your sex life. Penis Envy is also known as the Psilocin aphrodisiac and you will get this effect by combining it with low dosages of aphrodisiacs like L-Arginine and Tribulus. It will make your erections much harder, and your orgasms stronger too.

In South America and Africa, Penis Envy is commonly called “bush porn” due to its resemblance to a common weed, the bush pollack. If you grow shrooms of p. tampanensis or p. cubensis, it is possible to smoke the herbs in a pipe or a bottle to produce a similar effect as the famous “bush porn”. People who grow these plants claim that if you smoke a few joints, you can feel the effects almost immediately. There are even some companies dedicated to making specialized p. tampanensis cigarettes. These cigarettes are available from many online retailers and can be found for as little as $20.

The main difference between the other two main varieties of penis envy fungi is the size of its cap. The larger varieties of this famous mushroom are often referred to as “dense stem” mushrooms, because their cap is usually quite dense. This is the reason why you will hardly ever see a guy with a thick head of horny mushroom on his penis – he will have a very small cap and it will be overgrown. On the other hand, a “regular mushroom” will have a much coarser cap, and only one or two hairs will grow through it.

The other common species of penis envy mushrooms are known as amazonites and delete. A amazonite is about twice as large as a bolete, and they are found growing in South America. The Amazonian wild bolete is the most highly prized variety of this fungus, and it has to be cut with very specific techniques in order to preserve its structure. You should never attempt to take a single portion of this mushroom by itself, because if you do so, you will risk the loss of the entire spore print.

The potency of p. cubensis and p. amazonensis varies greatly. Some people claim that their potency is identical to each other, but others report much lower potency. The truth of the matter is that no one can accurately pinpoint the exact potency of penis envy varieties, and there is too much variability to expect an accurate measurement anyhow. Only someone who is able to analyze the structure and composition of every variety of these mushrooms will be able to give a reliable potency rating. There are also too many factors to consider, including the quality and age of the mushrooms, which may influence the final rating.

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