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Importance Of Watches With A Date Display

Rolex plays a crucial role for them because, in its history, the manufacturer has repeatedly devised and further developed useful additional functions.

The Window Dates

The Date is by far the most common additional function of a wristwatch. But because the manufacturers almost always opt for a window date, the watch enthusiast usually does not even have the variety of possible solutions in mind. There are options even with the conventional window date: for example, do you use a white date disc on a watch with a black dial, which is easier to read? Or do design considerations mean that the designers opt for a black disc that is harmoniously integrated into the dial?

Cream-colored dials with a white date appear somewhat awkward in this context; here, the different color of the number disc is often more disturbing than with accurate contrasting colors. The position of the Date is also essential. The classic window date does not blend in well with every dial. However, in the case of this Hublot, it fits perfectly, and the color of the date disc is the same as that of the dial.

Rolex watches for women (นาฬิกาโรเล็กซ์ผู้หญิง which is the term in Thai) took on a pioneering role about the window date on wristwatches, with the first Date just from 1945. Today this function is a matter of course in watches – and the most common variant of the date display. The date magnifier is also typical of Rolex. According to legend, Rolex founder Hans Wilsdorf got the idea when a drop of water fell on the glass of his watch in the bathroom and enlarged the Date underneath. In 1954 the first Rolex with a magnifying glass appeared: a Date just.

The Pointer Dates

The pointer date can be used as an alternative. However, user-friendliness depends heavily on the design: The best legibility is achieved when the date hand comes out of the middle, and the scale is on the edge of the dial. In this way, the Oris Roberto Clemente Limited Edition also indicates the current Date. The automatic movement Sellita SW 200 provides the drive.

If the Date is displayed on a sub-dial as a small pointer date, the wearer needs sharper eyes. The Patek Philippe Nautilus Travel Time Chronograph has the sub-dial for noon. Only the odd digits are written out here, making it a little easier to read.

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