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How To Play AduQ At Situs PKV Games

The increasing popularity of the online gambling games has prompted the agents of many gambling sites to keep updating and introducing games. Millions of people around the globe gamble online every day. Situs PKV Games is one such destination has proven to be one of the most attractive destinations for playing many interesting games. One of the main motivating factors that attract the people towards this arena has been the ease with which people are able to win profits on their capital. One of the most popular games at Situs PKV Games has been AduQ.

What Is AduQ?

AduQ is one of the most popular online gambling games at Situs PKV Games. Owing to its popularity, day by day thousands of people enter the world of gambling through AduQ. AduQ is an easy game and there not really much you need to learn. Well, if you are a beginner and AduQ has caught your eye but you’re not quite sure of what it is about, you’ve come to the right place.

AduQ at Situs PKV Games is played using Domino cards or Gaple cards. In this game, each player is given 2 cards at the beginning and we are then supposed to add up the domino points we score.

How Is The Winner Decided?

The process of determination of the winner is quite simple in this game. The player who has the highest Domino score is declared the winner. The highest value that can be scored in this game is “9”. In case there is a tie, i.e. two players score 9, then whosoever amongst them has the highest value card, will win. For example, if player 1 has cards 5/4 and player 2 has cards 6/3; there will be a tie. But player number 2 will be declared the winner as it has highest valued card, 6.

Special Cards

There is a special card in this game called “Balak card”. A player holding a Balak card will be declared a winner even though there might be someone with the highest sum of cards. Balak cards are also arranged from highest value Balak 6 to the lowest, which is Balak 0.

Tips To Secure Win

As we said earlier, the rules of AduQ are really simple and straight forward. In this game, not more than 8 people are allowed to sit at the table. Only 8 participants can play at a time. With just one read beginners will be able to decipher how they are supposed to play AduQ on Situs PKV Games. This game is purely dependent upon chance and luck. If the correct cards fall in your hands, you will easily be many steps ahead then your counterparts.

Making sure that you are not really betting on larger capital to satisfy your ego, lust or greed is essential. You must play many smaller capital games to improve your skills. This slow and steady approach will help you become a master at this game.

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