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Grand Theft Auto 5 Is Available On Android Devices

Now you can download GTA 5 mobile for both iOS and Android. Grand Theft Auto V is the prequel of the hugely popular Rockstar Games franchise, and now it is available for your mobile phone or tablets. In this highly-anticipated release, the player takes on the role of an ambitious and wanted criminal, charged with the responsibility of getting his business back on track by eliminating a large number of illegal vendors and buyers from the streets of Mega-City, using any method he deems right. The player will take on the role of either Michael or Franklin, each of them with unique traits and missions to achieve during the course of the game. You can downloadGTA5 Mobile for free here.

It has been developed by Rockstar Games and it has received much acclaim from the gaming community due to its innovative and thrilling storyline, excellent storyline, and top-quality graphics. The story revolves around the character, “Iman” (you’ll meet him throughout the game) who is your standard everyday street-smart guy. However, during one particular mission, he gets the chance to pick up a new friend. This new friend happens to be a gorgeous woman named “Resso”, and has strong intentions for both you and him. To help you get through the opening scenes, there are numerous tips and strategies which have been designed to improve the general gameplay experience of your mobile device, such as:

If you were under the impression that the storyline of the Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto series takes place primarily in the central city of Los Angeles, then you would be mistaken. As a matter of fact, the entire game takes place in and around the surrounding areas of New York and California.

There are a few special scenes and activities which take place in the game while you’re playing as “Jacket”. These include certain action sequences, which take place in the city streets. Additionally, in order to increase your experience, you need to perform these activities using a special vehicle-the “Stallion”. The unique thing about “Grand Theft Auto Online” on the iPhone and iPad is that it provides users with a highly realistic driving experience. The controls of the smartphone resemble real vehicle handling as you wheel it about the Los Angeles streets. The graphics and the impressive 3D effects make this game truly spectacular to play.

Another amazing feature present in the Grand Theft Auto mobile app for the iPhone and iPad is the Hollywood-style map of Los Angeles. You can use the map to jump from one side of the city to another. Similarly, when you enter a location, the interface shows a pop-up containing all the details regarding that particular location. For example, when you arrive at the pier in Los Angeles, you will get to see all the attractions there, including the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame, the Deli Museum, and the Santa Monica Pier.

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