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Esprit De Corps – Developing a Travel Agent E-newsletter (I of III)

A e-newsletter is an efficient way of contacting your customers. When circulated broadly, it may extend the consumer base and potentially supplment your profits. Like a product from the agency, the e-newsletter helps you to establish your identity like a substantive organization. Forwarded to specific areas, it can benefit enhance your product mix. Ten factors ought to be addressed for making your e-newsletter a highly effective advertising tool.

  1. Audience: Carefully decide who the prospective audience is. Essentially, there’s two choices: corporate and leisure travelers. Before deciding which kind of e-newsletter to create, define which clients are most lucrative and desirable to acquire. Direct your e-newsletter for this business. Some agencies may decide to produce separate newsletters for his or her corporate and leisure clients. Corporate travel agencies might also wish to produce a separate e-newsletter for leisure travel to be able to increase personal travel spin-off.
  2. Objectives and goals: Possess a purpose on paper the e-newsletter: to increase the consumer base, create client understanding of the services you provide, or promote new travel bargains. Natural in all you do, obviously, is the overall goal: to improve sales. Make sure your e-newsletter accomplishes these goals. Define specific objectives for reaching each goal. An example goal may be to improve leisure travel business. One objective then is always to distribute the e-newsletter regularly and in due time, e.g., through the to begin every month. Your potential customers will expect to regularly receiving your e-newsletter.
  3. Readership: “Quality” names including e.mail addresses are individuals that bring lucrative business for your agency. Collecting these e.mail addresses ought to be a continuing task inside your agency. Non-advantageous names create work, bring no enterprise, or add unprofitable business. Just a little researching the market can yield substantial results. This involves choosing which business you’re after and the way to achieve the crowd that matches to your strategic business plan.

One way of acquiring names is as simple as “computer prospecting” – sort the travelers making use of your agency by destination, type of service or quantity of business during the year before. A design will build up and you’ll be in a position to rapidly identify key people for the subscriber list. The opportunity to sort names is essential since some newsletters may affect a restricted market.

Your most valued clients ought to be incorporated around the subscriber list: the frequent traveler, key decision makers with corporate accounts, corporate officials, travel arrangers yet others who help make your agency effective. This can have them apprised of the agency’s activities and thwart the marketing efforts of the competition.

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