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An Introduction To Lithium Trolling Marine Batteries

Whenever a person goes fishing, they need to take care of several things, and the last thing they want to worry about is the death of their motor. Thus in situations like these, Lithium Trolling Marine Batteries come to the rescue as they have a steady and slow discharge of power. They can provide consistent power for a long duration of the motor, which will help the engine keep running.

For a long time, the go-to choice of fishing enthusiasts was AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat), lead acid wet cell, and gel cell deep-cycle batteries. Then came a new Lithium Trolling Marine Batteries option with many new features. The Lithium Trolling Marine Batteries can be defined as lithium iron phosphate(LiFePO4) deep cycle batteries. It is designed to provide steady and slow power to the trolling motors. The lithium batteries available in the market are most likely 12 volts, but some battery options with 24 volts are also available.

Different Kinds of Lithium Trolling Marine Batteries

When batteries are connected in series, their voltages are added together. For example, when three 11-volt batteries are connected, the total voltage provided by them will be equal to 33 volts. When the batteries are connected in parallel, their capacities are measured in amp-hours (Ah) and will be added all together. A typical Lithium Trolling Marine Batteries will run on 12, 24, or 36 volts depending on the application type and model.

When the trolling motor if of 12 volts, then there are two approaches either you use a single 12-volt battery or use various 12- volt batteries in parallel if you want to increase the run time. When the motor is 36 volts, there are two approaches to either use a single 36-volt battery or connect three 12-volt batteries in series, which is also the most commonly used configuration. Many trolling motors can efficiently function with any 12-volt AGM gel cell deep-cycle marine batter, wet cell, or lithium battery.

Features that make them better than the other batteries

There is various reason why Lithium Trolling Marine Batteries are preferred over the batteries, such as gel cell deep cycle batteries, lead-acid wet cell, and AGM. But the most crucial factor is the extended run time that Lithium Trolling Marine Batteries provide. A usual Lithium Trolling Marine Batteries will give a run time that will be twice the run time of a standard lead acid battery on a single charge, not to mention that both the batteries’ capacities are still the same. While using these batteries, a person feels more comfortable going in the water as they have something on which they can rely.
Some other benefits of Lithium Trolling Marine Batteries are weight reduction, extended lifespan, and high efficiency. These batteries also come with a more extended warranty and BMS (Battery Management System) built into them. These BMS monitors, built internally, manage and monitor various battery features such as performance, temperature, and charge rates. This is done to ensure the battery increases its longevity and safely operates.

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