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Veronica R.

My last visit to this restaurant was a long time ago. Since I was already familiar with it, the restaurant being one of my favorites when I was still residing in Milwaukee, I instantly knew that a lot has changed the moment I stepped inside the restaurant again. However, the change they did was for the better. The food choices just got even bigger as they added a few dishes which feature the talent of their awesome chefs. There are also so many changes in the interior design of the restaurant. Don’t get me wrong. The last design was already appealing to the eyes, but the new ones were so much better. I hope Verden can keep up the good work!

Lara T.

I was actually not interested in many liquors or any drinks that contain alcohol. But when my friends brought me to this place to celebrate a birthday, I immediately fell in love with their dishes and the drinks they serve. As I’ve said, I’m not a fan of drinks even wines, but Verden made me interested in such things. It was so great to know that I have yet to discover everything about myself. One thing is for sure though – I’ll make sure to visit again!

Justin S.

Going to Verden is really a great idea. I always love their services – how the staff handles the customers and how the management provide good customer assistance to their guests. The dishes were always great and it was one of the reasons why I keep coming back more for. With this restaurant, I am floored by the chefs’ ability in preparing sumptuous dishes. This makes me hope that they continue to create more dishes that will satisfy a lot of people in the future. I am first to say that Verden is one of the top restaurants I’ve ever visited.

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