Verden was built and created a few years ago by an English married couple who loves wine so much, and lives in Milwaukee.

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They came to this place and started their own lives in the new environment they are living in. They decided on a business they can do together. Since they are both skilled pastry chef with experience previously as cooks, it was decided that they will pursue both their passion in the form of a restaurant. From being pastry chefs, they trained further into other cooking disciplines which created a variety on the menu they offer. As time passed by, their will to create something more that will give people delicious and healthy food to eat resulted for them to expand into several branches. Later on, they also decided to integrate wine to try in their restaurants.

The idea started when they held a party at their house. Being wine enthusiasts, they started also learning about the process of wine-making. Upon requests of their visitors, they opened their wine for public tasting which immediately catapulted their products to a market. Many of those guests are among the first customers who ordered wine from this couple. The overwhelming support from their visitors empowered them to launch many other homemade products they try in their homes. This couple is simply an epitome of gourmet geniuses.

After that day, the thought of people loving their cooking and the wines they had lingered in their minds. They both thought that as a cook and a pastry chef who love to create new recipes, they can bring something unique and original to the market. It wasn’t just a realization because of their neighbors’ compliments and satisfaction, but also to the people who love their creations from where they work. And that’s how Verden started as a small wine bar and restaurant. It grew bigger and bigger over the years but the quality of food they provide just continue to wow their clients. Right now they do not just offer food in their restaurants but are serving as one of the most popular caterers as well.

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